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Train with a world leader in First Aid & CPR, choose the Canadian Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross offers a wide variety of First Aid and CPR training courses to help workplaces be compliant with both federal and provincial/territorial occupational health and safety legislation.

First Aid & CPR training is mandatory for employees in the workplace; but, unlike most other types of safety training, these skills and knowledge are also applicable to an individual's daily life. This is why we teach people First Aid & CPR in easy-to-follow steps, empowering them to act on, prevent, and manage life's emergencies.

The courses are taught by certified Red Cross First Aid Instructors who can tailor the course based on class composition and provide guidance during the course to help increase participant's skill retention.

Courses are based on a combination of teaching techniques that include:

  • DVD support (video footage)
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Instructional Posters
  • Skills demonstration and practice
  • Scenarios
  • Exercises
  • Class discussions and Q&A
  • Practical hands-on components are supported by a variety of training materials, based on course requirements, such as: mannequins for practicing CPR, AED trainers, bandages, splinting materials, barrier devices, first aid kits, auto-injector trainers, inhalers etc. All Canadian Red Cross programs meet the latest International guidelines and follow strict quality control guidelines and procedures for content development, update and delivery.

    All Red Cross courses meet Canada Occupational Safety and Health Regulations approved by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, as well as all provincial worker safety and insurance boards (with the exception of Quebec where we can connect you with our Training Partners who offer the Quebec governments workplace First Aid program). The Red Cross training exceeds competitors standards by including injury prevention techniques, CPR and AED in all courses.

    Learn how to prevent injuries and to think, react and improvise in emergency situations from a world leader in First Aid - the Canadian Red Cross.

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